Katie Belle ran like the wind in her dog wheelchair

We sadly lost our Katie Belle at the ripe old age of 18 early in 2016. She was a girl who could run like the wind! She covered many miles each day hiking through woods as well as neighborhood streets. When a disc problem left her too unsteady to walk on her own, a shiny new set of Walkin’ Wheels gave her mobility back for her final two years of life. She took to the wheels like a fish to water! 

Exploring the world, nose to the ground, was what she lived for. Our walks changed over those two years in the wheels – smaller hills, less rugged terrain, though still they undoubtedly remained the highlight of her days. We were so fortunate to have her, and so very fortunate to have been able to extend her pleasures and her life for an additional two years thanks to our wheels! So many people learned about the possibility of extending the life of a handicapped pet after meeting Katie. She was most definitely a show stopper where ever we went! 

PS – This video was taken about 5 months before the end and as you can see, there was still a lot of GO in this old girl on wheels!

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