Dog Wheelchair and Canine Rehabilitation

Taffy in her Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair

Many dogs will require the use of a dog wheelchair for an extended period of time or even permanently to provide mobility that has been lost as a result of injury or a degenerative condition.  However, advances in the area of canine rehabilitation are making it possible for an increasing number of dogs to fully regain the use of their rear legs.  The Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair can be used very successfully as a rehabilitative device to aid dogs in recovering their full mobility. 

We were thrilled to see a recent report on the canine rehabilitation success story of a dachshund named Taffy who fully regained the use of her hind legs while a client of the Carolina Animal Rehabilitation and Exercise Center in Aiken, South Carolina.  Taffy used a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair as part of her canine rehabilitation program.