Dog in a Wheelchair: His Spirit and Presence Fill Him out Again.

I love my dog so much and am so glad I discovered Walkin’ Wheels for him!

Hi is 12.5 years old – German shepherd – and in good health all except for his increasing loss of use of his hind limbs. He started about 18 months ago dragging his toes on his left hind leg and it has slowly increased to the point now that he is not able to pull it underneath himself.

As his hind end became weaker, he began getting very barrel chested and is very strong in his front end. I was getting sadder all the time – because I was starting to fear I was going to have to make a decision that neither of us was really ready for yet.

He still eats normally and is interested in life, eliminating normally. A friend mentioned he would be a good candidate for a cart – and I had never even thought of it! It was like I was struck by a lightning bolt – and then another friend said “Yup, there’s a guy right over in Amherst that sells them.” She gave me your web address and I ordered one right away.

He has adapted to it well. I am using it outside only so far as I have a small house – and he really enjoys being able to STAND and sniff the air like dogs like to do, without crumpling down behind and having to lie down. He also enjoys being able to bark at passersby again in a meaningful dog way. Indoors he shows how much being able to be mobile outside has meant.

He indicates when he wants me to get him up in a sling – for water, or to go out – and now again he drags me over to his dog cookie jar! He used to go and stare at it when he thought he wanted one, so now he takes me along. Also, when he is lying around now – the only way I can describe this is a way that probably shepherd people understand – well – he is all big up in his ears again.

His spirit and presence fill him out again.

And even on work mornings, when his gear is all packed in the car to take him to his dog daycare home, and I take him out in his sling – he has started a new game. One morning this past week as he was standing and sniffing, he looked over his shoulder at me and then took off running across the yard – him in the sling, me in my work clothes – smiling all the way – and he was so pleased with himself when we got to the other side of the yard.

He had such a look of satisfaction, as if to say boy that sure felt good! So his quality of life and sense of self have improved quite a bit since 4th of July weekend, and I am very glad I got this for him.

Thank you!


New Ipswich, NH 03071