Sucky has a new lease on life

Sucky has a new lease on life and we’re so thankful that we can give him not only wheels to keep him mobile, but the best retirement he can have. Sucky is an inspiration to just about everyone who comes into the shelter. We’re hoping his health will allow him to participate in a 5km run with our staff at our Annual Memorial Dog Walk and Carnival fundraising in August this year. 

Since receiving his wheels, he has put on some weight and gained some muscle tone in his back legs again. We’ve seen him improve with his mobility when out of the chair as well. I think he’s happier knowing he can get outside and go at his normal speed. Someone commented that he would take a while to get used to his chair, but he embraced it. He doesn’t see the disability, he sees only ability. 

When our volunteers take him out for the first time we always tell them to stay out of the way and try to keep up! They come back with huge grins and surprise at how able Sucky is.

 – Dana