Dog Wheelchairs in Pet Care Facilities

I frequently visit veterinary hospitals, shelters, rescues, and pet care facilities. It seems that each one has their own “Dog Wheelchair Closet.”

Back in the day when dog wheelchairs had to be custom made (before there were adjustable dog carts), each cart would fit only one size dog. This meant that it was very difficult to sell a used pet wheelchair on Ebay or craigslist.

So, people would donate their no longer needed canine cart to their local shelter or vet hospital.

Here’s what I usually see:

Fortunately, the new adjustable, fold-flat dog wheelchairs are a little easier to store.

Adjustable dog wheelchairs consist of a universal frame (one for dogs over 20 pounds and one for dogs under 20 pounds), and wheels which are sold separately based on the height of the dog. Just snap in the wheels and you’re ready to go. Compared to custom made dog wheelchairs they:

– are less expensive
– can fit in the trunk of a car
– are easy to use
– are easy to resell or donate
– change as the condition of the dog changes
– can be used on multiple dogs


The Walkin’ Wheels for is the only fully-adjustable dog wheelchair. Click here for more information